Feet need shoes! PLEASE DONATE A PAIR!


Hey people!!! Apologies for the very short notice with this. Next week someone from the team will be travelling to Mauritania in North Africa and so we decided to do our very first shoe drive and ask for you guys to donate a pair of your old sneaks to those that are in need. If you have a pair you don’t wear or some old ones that your kids have grown out of please let us have ’em and we’ll get ’em to folks that need them in Mauritania, a country with widespread poverty and all the problems associated with that. As there is not time for postage can all the heads that know us hit us up between now and Sunday. For everyone else if you can get there with a pair we will be outside the Ritzy Cinema in Brixton THIS SUNDAY MARCH 2nd AT 5PM for anyone wishing to drop a pair off to us. If you can’t make that then hit us up on the email and we’ll see what we can work out.

We really appreciate your support!

Thank you.

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