The King’s Comments…so much hype they’re on the sale rack!


HYPE HYPE!!!HA!!! So the king is back in the building!!!

I kinda wanted to talk about alot of things today but I am gonna focus on one thing and one thing only the internet hype, hype!! Ok ok And I will be the first to admit it I am 100% a hype beast when I want to be and my insta page is definitely one that fuels the hype but I do think people need to chill a bit with some of the releases ’cause most of the stuff this year is sitting on the shelf.. It’s like I was in one of my favourite shops yesterday just window shopping not kopping anything (I hardly buy kicks these days just waiting to get my free pairs hint hint) And I say so many kicks that were Supposed to be QS (Quick Strike, limited pairs etc) on the shelf in full size runs??? Huh? My question is why is this?? I think that alot of the trainer companies know now that hype sells kicks especially if you say limited pairs etc people lose their minds!!

nike-army-navy-pack-size-exclusive       clot-adidas-originals-stan-smith-2-540x360

The crazy thing is every Saturday I always have a look on social media and see queues and queues of people who may have slept over night or early in the morning to cop what is believed to be a QS which then a couple hours later or even the next day are there left on the shelf.

So why are things like this??? I personally think that the shops know they are going to get loads of stock but then hype it like its going to be limited so people can rush out? One shop in particular has quote, unquote their exclusives still on the shelf in full Size? runs?

I kinda don’t blame them it’s business I get it I get it, but what I don’t get is when people do not actually do their research and see what’s going to be a REAL QS or not, basically there is enough info online to see what is coming where instead of everyone running to cop kicks from the same shops. But the internet does that sometimes its all good though I get it, but is it right? Umm? Or is it wrong?

Let me know leave your comments below tweet us, insta us, phone us!

The thing is, it is up to us to not feed into everything and anything we see online or on insta even me I get it wrong sometimes I can admit it! The King aint perfect!

So I am going to leave you in the words of Public Enemy said “Don’t Believe The Hype”

Peace & Retweets


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