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Puma XS850 OG…another classic VERY WELL DONE


Now last year saw Puma drop what was extremely close to being a 1:1 retro with the XT1 and XT2 and after doing so well in terms of build and quality with those they drop another Puma 1990s tech running classic in the form of the XS850.

The 1990s was a historic time for Puma but a historic time for sneaker culture and everything that was associated with it. The XS850 Trinomic trail runner dropped at a time when the neon was in, when Hip Hop was going through one of its golden eras and when runners like the XS850 epitomised cool!

Puma take us back to those times and drop these as part of their brand new CREAM programme, which replaces the LIST. And these are just a taste of things to come as much more archival goodness is on the way!


6K3A7648        6K3A7686

6K3A7643        6K3A7718


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