The Word on the Feetography…WOW!

@papapanov image-19


Welcome people to the very first Word on the Feetography Feeture and we just have to say a huge WOW in regards to the quality of the shots that were hashtagged and emailed to us. Amazing stuff. We will be aiming to have this Feetography Feeture up every couple of weeks so please keep sending your pics in and hashtagging #thewordonthefeet on Instagram.

We start with a Killer shot above from @papapanov in the BW Persians.

@wonkycoma DSC_0086

Shouts to @wonkycoma in the Lebron 11 Gator King

@piantoni 7 photo-6

Our good friend @piantoni7 chilling under the blue sky in the Hanon Shop GTII

@janiki_3_ Foto

@janiki_3_ in the Nike AM1 Year of the Ox

@badjuju1        @sultanest

@badjuju1 in the AJ11 Gammas and @sultanest in the AJ6 DMP and Varsity Red

@eduardobermudezgram 20140224_072613

@eduardobermudezgram in the AF1 Lunar Hi BHM

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