Crepe City 10 FULL Round Up…plenty of pics!



Saturday 29th March 2014 saw the release of the Adidas Originals ZX Flux pack, Nike Air Jordan 5Lab3 with that all over 3m, the Nike SB Tiffanys and of course, Crepe City’s 10th London Sneaker Event. Held inside the deceptively spacious Old Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, E1, two floors filled with so much heat – on feet and on sellers’ tables – that no amount of water could put out that fire. There was a fat queue with heads out on line from early the anticipation was high as some rare UK sunshine blessed the day.

It was not just kicks on sale, amongst the soles was art work by Sneakertoons, Filfury, Hek Style, Tom Clapp, Jess Linares and Mozart Circus. On both floors were live DJs spinning tunes old and new…UK Garage crew stand up! Luke’s Barber Shop on the top floor, along with a nail bar perfect for that summer time flex. There was jewellery, bow ties, amazing clear sneaker boxes and apparel all just in time for the heat of summer – hopefully! Crepe Protect, Jason Markk and Sneaky Wipes were on hand to get those kicks clean and fresh, Customisers Kicks on the Moon, Foesone and Tripezed and a tattoo artist – OneByOne – selling prints to be inked at a later date. A Puma Trinomic pyramid graced the ground floor containing some of Puma’s retro trinomic ish. Loving those Disc Blazes with that speckly midsole!

The Crepe City crew, ensured sellers and customers alike were happy, chatting and joking with everyone, the atmosphere was extremely chilled considering how busy it was and how much money was exchanging hands. For us we loved seeing sneaker heads come together and shoot the breeze, swap advice and show off their heat. There was so much variety with the kicks from vintage OG Holy Grail kinda stuff mixed in with some of that fresh heat. With so much controversy over customization, re-selling and hype and yes there were a bunch of Jordans on sale and on foot and some Yeezys and Huaraches too, but also some rarities and some lesser seen brands…love those Overkill Kangaroos and those Vision Streetwear joints.

We were down there to cover the event but also to collect shoes for a trip to Jamaica. You will have seen our write up of our Mauritania shoe drive and we will be doing the same in Jamaica, distributing the shoes to people who live difficult lives where clothing, food and shelter is very hard to come by. That said we would like to say a massive thank you to all the Crepe City crew for giving us a space for our MASSIVE shoe drop box and helping us publicise it. And next we want to thank all the people that donated shoes. We were truly blown away as folks came with a pair or two and some even with a stack of boxed up kicks to donate! We even had some folks donate kicks that they had been selling at the event! There was so much love and it was great to speak to people about what we are doing. SO THANK YOU ALL…YOU ROCK!!!

As the title promised there are a bunch of pics and a ton on on foot shots so click through the pages and check ’em out and REPOST REPOST. Another great event…BIG UP Crepe City.

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