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Adidas ZX Flux-ing Hell…rapidly becoming best shoe of 2014?


Adidas have been chipping away at Nike’s retro superiority in recent months with some really solid retros and quality builds that have been putting the market leader to shame. What’s more they have maintained some solid people pricing even on their limited drops. And now the truly amazing ZX Flux looks like it could seriously rival the Roshe Run as that comfy everyday shoe at a Roshe Run price. No argument here that the ZX8000 frame is an icon but the recreation of the shoe in presto-esque form…as for the designer at adidas that had the idea Sam Handy oh boy are you gonna be taken care of!

We cannot get enough of the shoe and adidas know they’re onto a winner here as they start rolling out more and more colourways. The lightning and ocean makeups are killer, the camo, the base colours, and that super limited OG makeup. This could well be 2014’s shoe of the summer. Damn fine three stripe work! More please….

adidas-originals-2014-spring-summer-zx-flux-base-pack-6         adidas-originals-2014-spring-summer-zx-flux-base-pack-5

adidas-originals-2014-spring-summer-zx-flux-base-pack-1        adidas-originals-2014-spring-summer-zx-flux-base-pack-2

adidas-originals-2014-spring-summer-zx-flux-base-pack-4        adidas-originals-2014-spring-summer-zx-flux-base-pack-3

adidas-originals-2014-spring-summer-zx-flux-black-elements-pack-2        adidas-originals-2014-spring-summer-zx-flux-black-elements-pack-1

adidas-originals-2014-spring-summer-zx-flux-black-elements-pack-3        adidas-originals-zx-flux-photoprint-pack-01

adidas-originals-zx-flux-photoprint-pack-03        adidas-originals-zx-flux-photoprint-pack-02

1396305073_adidaszxfluxmen3        1396305060_adidaszxfluxmen2

1396305085_adidaszxfluxwomen1        adidaszxfluxmen1


Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 10.43.02        adidas-consortium-zx-flux-1

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