Nike Women’s Air Max 90 City Pack – Sweet Goodness!!!

AM90 Wmns
For all the female sneakerheads and the small-footed male ones you’re in for a real treat with this latest AM90 city pack from Nike, set to drop in a couple of weeks.
The collection draws reference from indulgent food and beverage references from six cities — New York, Paris, Tokyo, London, Shanghai and Milan. Each offers a distinct flavor to satisfy a range of aesthetic cravings.
From London we have the tumbled leather Eton Mess, Macarons from Paris, Hyperfuse Aperitivos from Milan, New York Strawberry Cheescake, Pink-iced Cake from Shanghai and Vac Tech Harajuku Crepes from Tokyo.
Those pinks are something special as are the Crepes. Dope dope pack.

The collection launches on 24th September at nike.com/sportswear.
813150_100_E 813150_100_C 813150_100_F 813150_100_B
813151_800_E 813151_800_D 813151_800_F 813150_200_C 813150_200_B 813150_200_A 813150_500_E 813150_500_A 813150_500_C 813152_600_C 813152_600_E 813152_600_A 813152_600_D 813152_600_F 813153_100_E 813153_100_C 813153_100_A 813153_100_B

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