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Asics Gel-Kayano x Packer Shoes…sometimes the sequel is better…


Ok now don’t get us wrong we loved the first All Roads lead to Teaneck Gel Kayano from New Jersey’s Packer Shoes. Those were a real rough and rugged shoe, proper street shoe for us and those should have hit Europe. But maybe just maybe this sequel is even better and damn do these look nice. Hitting these with that old skool grey and purple makeup it’s just a classic combo.

Just like the first pair of Kayanos New Jersey features in the theme again with the Packer Shoes crew drawing inspiration from the colour of the seats on the NJ Transit buses. We’ve seen that done somewhere else, hehehe, but maybe a little more subtly here. Quality materials and quality execution. And for the purists they even have the original Kayano tongue tab!

Available from midday this Friday the 18th both instore and online from Packer Shoes…and hopefully, hopefully, across the world sometime soon.

asics-packer-shoes-05-960x640 asics-packer-shoes-02-960x640 asics-packer-shoes-04-960x640 asics-packer-shoes-03-960x640

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