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Lance Mountain Nike SB x Air Jordan 1

Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_BLK_PAIR_CLN_original_29010        Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_PAIR_CLN_original_29004

Now this is a concept we’ve seen before remember those Cheech and Chong Dunks and the Statue of Libertys and of course those painted Margiela Converse. Nike SB and Jordan Brand will drop these sick Air Jordan 1s in June.

Designed by legendary skater Lance Mountain, the second release of the Nike SB x Air Jordan 1 draws inspiration from a way back when skate era that saw riders rocking the Air Jordan 1 as an out and out skate shoe.

As Lance himself did, they would ofter wear mismatched pairs in order to extend the life of their Jordan’s and to create uniformity, they would then paint over each shoe.

The two Lance Mountain Nike SB x AJIs recreate this aesthetic by mismatching both a black/red and black/royal colorway in one pair and then covering the colors, DIY-style, with black or white paint.  As each pair is worn and the paint wears away to reveal the colors underneath, they will become unique to their wearer.

The quality on these looks crazy and we loved this concept before and on the AJ1 it’s just straight ill. These are dropping in limited numbers on June 7. Stay tuned.

Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_BLK_PAIR_SK8_original_29006        Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_PAIR_SK8_original_29001

Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_BLK_LAT_CLN_original_29005        Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_BLK_LAT_SK8_original_29009

Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_BLK_TOP_CLN_original_29007        Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_BLK_TOP_SK8_original_29011

Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_LAT_CLN_original_29008        Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_LAT_SK8_original_29000

Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_TOP_CLN_original_29002        Nike_SB_AJ1_Underneath_WHT_TOP_SK8_original_29003


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