Dollars and $en$e…The Sale Beast has entered the building!


The Sale Beast has clawed his way into the building!

Welcome one welcome all….I am the Sale Beast! Grrrrrrrr!!! And I’m here to bring you “Dollars & Sense.”  A bit about myself being that this will be the first of many contributions to The Word On The Feet. I’m new to the sneaker game in a sense, wouldn’t consider myself a sneaker head or a connoisseur, probably not even a collector at this point. Still in the infancy stage of this ting so I’ll call it sumn’ like “puppy love.” Brought into this culture by an OG I’ve been learning the ropes and what makes the culture so unique. For the life of me I could not understand why a normally sane person would camp out for days to purchase a pair of sneakers…for some taking time off work and others traveling hundreds even thousands of miles to cop the latest release.  But after becoming a part of the culture over the past few years, I get it!

Growing up wearing no frills kicks and having only one pair at that wasn’t the greatest feeling but looking back, was really that bad? In my opinion the answer is two fold. On one hand I missed out on a part of history that I would’ve enjoyed. No discredit to my folks because they took extremely good care of myself and my two other siblings through some difficult times. On the other hand it was a blessing because it taught me how to prioritize and also how to be a savvy consumer. Not cheap…I do have expensive taste as many of us do but with the responsibilities of a wife, 3 kids, a couple houses, a couple cars, some big man toys, I have learned how to satisfy those expensive cravings by being informed and most of all being patient. Understanding that it is my money and my decision to spend on what I see fit. You see, to me everything is negotiable.  There’s the retail price and there’s what I’m willing to pay.  Until I relinquish the funds, I have overall control because product is not power, money is.  When I say money is power, I’m referring to buying power.  Think what would happen if on the day of the latest release, after months of hype and anticipation, millions spent on marketing and promotion, celebrity endorsements and countless ads and commercials, no one spent a dime on that product.  Devastating!

Let’s put things into perspective, Nike spends about $2.8 billion per year on marketing and in 2012 earned $24.1 billion.  Staggering numbers right…where does all that money come from?  A wild guess, you and I!  Get my point?  Without us, there would be no them, simple.  So with that being said…


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