The Word on the Feet Writers’ Cops of the Week.


The Word on the Feet writers speak up!…Don’t they always???

We are very proud to welcome you to a new Feeture here at the Word on the Feet. The Cop Shop! Now that our team is getting a bit bigger we thought we’d do a little piece where the team here gets to throw a little bit of themselves at you and let you know what they think is coppable this week and we are such a diverse bunch that this is great piece for us to show what we’re into. So hit us up let us know if you agree and again, welcome to The Cop Shop!

Starting with…

…Monsieur Max


UNDFTD x Neighborhood x Adidas Consortium Micropacer

Long name sick shoe. This is a straight up classic nothing to say in that regard but aside from the OG makeups I think this down, dark and sinister all black number from the Undefeated and Neigborhood Crew might be one of the best. Seriously darkside shoe and that quality black leather makes these the meanest micropacer ever for me. Fully functioning pedometer too so you can look like a badass secret agent! Can’t believe they’re being slept on.

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