The Word on the Feet Writers’ Cops of the Week.

The King of Trainers


Nike Air Max 1 – Phythonized JBF Customs

This Week US customiser JBF Customs dropped a picture of a pair of red AM1’s he has been working on and all I can say is Cot Damn!! This young man takes Customising to a whole new level I dunno how much these cost and he clearly says he starts at $1000 these will set you back the price of a small second hand car but tbh it’s worth every penny cause he only really does one of one stuff so you know you gonna be the only one with these beauties. Washed Lambskin, Genuine Python, Genuine Lizard, and Genuine Crocodile in a suede finish.The lower end chassis of the shoe was completed with the help of fellow customizer Dank Customs, who finished the midsole in red and also provided the tassels this is what makes it even more special cause as a customiser he hollered at another customiser for help and that’s what should happen here in the UK no EGO’s just straight business!! 👏👏👏 JBF Customs THE KING SALUTES YOU!!!

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