The King’s Comments…When restocks go wrong!


Check yourself before you wreck yourself?

HA! So the King is back in the Word On The Feet building once again… And I gotta address a few things. But before I start I just wanna say this is not a shot at any shop or organisation just gotta speak on the truth and if you finish this article you will get the point of what I am trying to say. So let’s get into it… if you are a Sneakerhead who is plugged into the Matrix that is called Instagram you will notice that over the weekend Sole Heaven in the UK and other Shops in the US EastBay, Footlocker and even Nike.com (er no they didn’t ahem ) had a restock or should we say Jordan Restock! And for those of you who may be reading this that are not plugged into the social media matrix any popular Nike Restock is a BIG F’ing deal… And to be honest with you an announcement of a restock is like a new release or some cases a multiple Jordan restock is like they’re stocking gold…

Well on Saturday Sole Heaven did a very noble thing and I honestly believe that there was no malice or lies behind their restock… And to be honest I think that all of us plugged into the matrix didn’t realise how much attention this particular restock was going to get, not even the sole heaven guys.. But as you know a restock is like a Yeezy drop and people take that ish serious. Myself the King joined in the hype and helped promote this particular restock, (cause that is the King’s thing I help the Kingdom, the community in the UK and will promote anyone who is positive and reps the UK and Europe…) This particular restock though was picked up by nearly every reputable sneaker blog or social media blog over here, Europe and the States in fact the whole world which turned this into a an internet frenzy… And boy what a frenzy this was Sole Heaven posted a Instagram picture which stated they had blocked over 49,000 bots, and for those of you who don’t know what bots are which I had multiple people asking me, bots are automatic systems designed to place an item in a cart straight away so you are kinda guaranteed a purchase, these are designed to be faster than humans so you are kinda screwed if you are a normal purchaser you have no chance…

image_2        image_4

I digress, so with all of the above said all eyes were on Sole Heaven at 12pm, that was the time… and when I say everyone, you had everyone people stayed up in LA, China, Australia, NY,  I mean the Sneaker world was watching in a massive way… And unfortunately this means that the site experienced high levels of traffic, extremely high levels which seemed to make it crash continuously, leaving everyone in uproar… So this is my point who do you blame? Sole Heaven for doing a restock and promoting their mobile site?  Or do we blame the fact that the Sneaker game has gone into hyper drive and everyone is after a piece of the Sneaker game pie? So with that said the restock went bad kinda, well actually really bad as you had a few, hundred, thousand, million people hit the site at the same time which caused complete chaos but the sad thing is this chaos went on to the social media which led to people going crazy literally “Trolling” Sole Heaven’s page and leaving some crazy comments… I don’t agree that you should say “I hope someone dies or suck an AIDS Dick or I hope you get raped” because you didn’t get a pair of Jordan’s??? Huh what part of the game is that??? That ain’t kool at all I mean let’s remember it’s still just trainers, and at every level a person’s life is worth WAY more than a piece of glue and plastic no matter how people try to justify their behaviour. It is WRONG FULL STOP. I mean if Sole Heaven was just doing it as a publicity stunt (which I’m sure they weren’t) then that is wrong…

But it does beg the question is this the look of things to come when restocks go wrong ??? When people don’t get what they want, do we turn to savages?

image_3        image_1

I’ll leave it there and let you guys think about that for a minute…

Till we meet again – Stay Safe it’s a Jungle out there.

Peace and Retweets

The King

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