The King’s Comments…Check your ego at the door!



HA! So the King is back in The Word On The Feet building for another week!

I wanna ask how is the Kingdom doing? How are The Word On The Feet readers doing? I care for real… If someone ever comes up to you and says the King has got an ego or he is an arsehole or he wasn’t nice to me ask them what King they talking about not the @KingOfTrainers you must have bumped your head he is Kool!

And this brings me to my topic for today… EGOs… Yeah yeah I know Beyonce said she like a big ego but look what her sister did to her Big Ego… Nah I’m just playing this post isn’t about Jay Z… But if anyone should have a BIG EGO for what he has done in a particular industry it should be him. Right? But it has come to the King’s attention that people are using their position in the trainers scene to kinda look down on people and muscle their authority. To be honest I didn’t see this diva thing until the emergence of the Instagram craze. It’s kinda crazy that people think that they are big because they have a large following or they work for a brand or shop, but do those people really love you? Huh? Or they just love you ’cause they know what they can get something from you? Also when is it ever Kool to say “Do You Know Who I am?” er… can you repeat that please? Are you Jordan or Tinker or even Fieg?. In the UK I know people who have done so much and they still don’t flex their influence muscle.


I think it comes down to a real love and respect for the industry you are in and really looking at this as a serious thing because if you burn bridges those same bridges can’t be resurrected. Also I think this comes with a lack of real business and branding awareness cause some of these guys who are entering the industry are in it for straight hype. Lets be clear and I said it before the UK trainers culture and what it is now came from Hip Hop music, it came from an era of rebellion, style and grace, it never came from egos??? What part of the business is that??  What’s the business plan huh, what’s the business model why are you here, what do you want to gain do you really love the trainers scene, will you be here next year? – Ok ok I am going off topic a little bit but we have to ask these questions about people who are in control of certain things in the industry that have egos?

‘Cause I will tell you straight no one works harder than the King, YEAH I SAID IT!!! And go look at all the stuff I am doing and have done and am still doing and I am still here and humble as hell. Name a BIGGER UK trainers blogger bigger than the King? Huh???….. I’m waiting… and I ain’t talking “Instagram” following I am talking work, real work, what are people really doing to make a change and uplift the scene. I still get ignored and overlooked but it’s all good I have never said “Do you know who I am?” ’cause truth be told I am just like YOU a real lover of trainers and the scene.

That is why I want to help by doing a business workshop for all you brands and sneakerhead brands out there who wanna learn… first some industry manners but secondly help you find your reason and purpose for being here and stick to it. I am serious if you are serious?  If you would like to learn how to #expandyourbrand on social media please attend my special workshop on 5th July 2014 to help you and your brand. This is a paid for service so get your money ready and put your money where you mouth is visit: www.saturdaysurgery.eventbrite.com and make your ticket purchase quick as there are limited spaces.


Keep It Kinging and Be Polite and drop the Egos!!



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