Happy Air Max Day…let’s get AIRMAXED!

IMG_4168    IMG_4166

We would like to say a massive thank you to all the people that got involved in our Airmaxed feeture via The Word on the Feet and The King of Trainers Instagram pages. So much vintage heat was brought out of the bag and we would just like to BIG YOU GUYS UP! The people! Some really die hard collectors out there. Thanks again for your support check the pics below! And keep it AIRMAXED today! And make sure you head over to kingoftrainers.com and check out the site there. And keep hashtagging #AIRMAXED today we will update the article with your Air Max Day pics!

IMG_4158    IMG_4160IMG_4151    IMG_4147IMG_4155    IMG_4178IMG_4177    IMG_4179IMG_4171    IMG_4170IMG_4169    IMG_4161IMG_4176    IMG_4175 IMG_4172    IMG_4174 IMG_4152    IMG_4143 IMG_4140    IMG_4150 IMG_4153    IMG_4154 IMG_4165    IMG_4167 IMG_4144    IMG_4147 IMG_4141    IMG_4162 IMG_4157    IMG_4145



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