Adidas NMD 2016 Collection


Adidas are on it with the NMD and after 3 sold out releases in much the same fashion as the Yeezy Boost Adidas seems to have found a formula that works and they’re about to roll out even more colours which ones are you feeling? Look out for them dropping soon…

adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-2-1024x480 adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-3-1024x501 adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-4-1024x503 adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-5-1024x527 adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-6-1024x539 adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-7-1024x513 adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-8-1024x510 adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-9-1024x505 adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-10-1024x523 adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-11-1024x527 adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-12-1024x526 adidas-nmd-printemps-ete-2016-1024x508

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