Nike Track & Field – Ready for Rio


Ahead of the summer’s competitions, Nike designers have taken on a vivid tone: Shades of Unlimited. Taking inspiration from an athletes’ body in motion, to deep exploration of artwork and looking at attention grabbing, colour-shifting feathers and shells of the tropical rainforest the designers have produced a gradient fusion of Nike volt and hyper-punch, which will be the unlimited colour way adorns the uppers of the season’s footwear, including all of its track and field silhouettes.
Nike Volt
Volt, the company’s celebrated bright yellow hue, defines the toe, immediately catching the eye — yellow is the most visible color to the human eye and volt is the most visible version of yellow, which means it makes a statement. In the case of Nike, that statement is speed.
Hyper-Punch Pink
Hyper-punch pink, when mixed with volt at the mid-foot and saturating as it approaches the heel, mimics the optic blur of a breakneck runner.
In motion, these brilliant colours appear to paint a subtle glowing path, representing not only its wearer’s unlimited athletic abilities but also the way in which Nike views the world: bursting with unlimited inspiration and design possibilities.
This summer, Nike footwear designers assigned themselves with not only outdoing their previous shoes, but also accelerating athletes across the entire field. When it come’s to track and field, “fast” takes on a number of definitions. It can mean sprinting 100 meters in 10.70 seconds or covering 10,000 meters in a medal-winning 27:30.42.
The Science Behind Speed
Nike designer’s started with the science behind sprinting, to make a sprinter like three-time 100-meter World Champion and two-time gold-medalist Shelly-Ann Fraser-Pryce, faster through her running shoes you have to stiffen the sole. The transferring of force from the foot to the ground is very important; like a baseball bat, the longer the bat the harder you can hit the ball.
Performance Accelerated By Innovation
The idea behind making a spike plate stiffer is the same, it increases the ability of the foot to advance compelling force into the ground: the key component of speed. This paired with lightness and cutting edge computational design tools led to the creation of the Nike Superfly Elite Spike which forced Fraser-Pryce down the track .013 seconds faster – the difference between first and fourth place.

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