Le Coq Sportif R1000 x Mighty Crown x Mita Sneakers


Far East Rulaz Mighty Crown are world-renowned in the Reggae Sound System world and some 25 years ago entered the Reggae Soundclash scene and took on some of the greatest sound systems…and won!

Set up by a group of friends that includes Masta Simon and Sami T, from Yokohama, Japan, who shared a love for Reggae music and formed Mighty Crown Sound System and never looked back. Their reputation grew as did the hype around the sound and they became the sound to watch at soundclashes all across the globe.

This year is their 25th anniversary and to mark that milestone they teamed up with Le Coq Sportif and Mita Sneakers to produce this Asia-only R1000 and it’s a banger. Keeping that tricolore colour scheme they mix in their Mighty Crown influences with the leopard and zebra and those snakey panels, custom insoles and tongue tabs finish these off in fine style.

We dug up some original Mighty Crown tapes for our shoot. This very limited collaboration is available in limited number HERE don’t sleep.


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