Introducing Amanda AKA @shessofargone and her 25 days of Asics FIYAH!


So we know that the sneaker industry is booming right now and don’t get it twisted it’s not just the fellas that have got that heat as the females have got some serious collections. And we’re sure that the global community is gonna grow even more this year.

One such sneakerhead is New York based Amanda who works for Extra Butter and has some serious Asics heat. So dope is her collection that she ran a #25DaysofAsics during the Christmas season and she was straight up slewing it day after day. So dope to see the community getting more and more diverse and the finer-footed coming to show they can take the fellas on when it comes to the HEAT.

Give Amanda a follow on her IG @shessofargone and check out some of her 25 days below.



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