Tuned Love – Paris We Love You!


We headed out to Paris for an impromptu photoshoot with a heavyweight trio of the French capital’s biggest TN fans. Wandering around the La Defense area of Paris we hung out with @elie_costa @furiosa.b and @rmaxplus to share our love for the TN, yeah we still love ’em even though the hype has died down!!! #justsaying


There’s no doubt that the TN still holds it place on the Paris streets as it does in London so it was a pleasure to hang out with these three and share some of that Tuned Love and also a few glasses of Pastis. We also had upcoming Paris-based photographer @point.tiret with us taking some amazing shots. There was love amongst the crew for TNs both new and old, rare and recent and it’s a dope feeling to know that this shoe which was such a groundbreaker, literally, seems like it’s gonna just go on forever, and it should because it’s a mof%^&ing classic! Such a sick day and just great to connect with the community in different parts of the world.

As for the after-shoot drinks there’s no shots of that unfortunately but as @elie_costa stated repeatedly “J’ai pas tout declarer”… we haven’t declared everything!


Check out the shots below from ourselves @jaunegorgon @furiosa.b @point.tiret  and @rmaxplus and make sure you give ’em all a follow on Insta!

Big up also the homie @tonton_gibs coming through too! Make sure you check out his YouTube ! Until le prochain! See you next time Paris!



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