The Nike Air Fear of God Raid


Jerry Lorenzo continues the partnership with his Fear of God and Nike with a dope remake on the iconic Nike Air Raid. With a similar midsole to and visible Air as the FOG1 this Raid inspired model features the crossover strap.

Lorenzo was a high school student when the Air Raid dropped and felt a strong connection at the time to the shoe and everything that was going on in the US at the time. Most definitely connected to a growing pro-black movement, and peace not war the shoe embodied the street positivity of the time.

“When the kid walked in the classroom with the Air Raid, no one told me that I was supposed to like the Air Raid. I was just drawn to it, the design, the colors. It was like, oh my God, what is that?” Lorenzo recalls. “It became interconnected with all these other real emotional things that were happening at the time of the shoe.”


Fast forward to Lorenzo as a university student he remembered a battle of the bands whereby instead of playing a crowd pleaser one of the bands played something different, something unknown and tore the stadium up!

“It was the emotion of that feeling, the soul of that feeling — watching the stadium being rocked side to side that serves as a measuring stick of what I’m trying to do emotionally every time through product,” says Lorenzo.


The Nike Air Fear of God Spring/Summer 2019 collection launches April 27 and features the Nike Air Fear of God Raid, the release also includes the Nike Air Fear of God Moc, a double-hooded sweatshirt, new T-shirt, and reprises of the Nike Air Fear of God short and pant.




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