Feeture – 11 ways to stay in the sneaker game when you’re broke!

YES WE BROKE       Beat up jordan-VI

Ok so I’m doing the 10 of something type thing a la Complex Magazine, but its a Feeture – and we’re added 1 more way for good luck – 11 ways to stay in the sneaker game when you’re broke!

So let’s not get it twisted times are hard, money is tight and if you live in London like I do things are real expensive. I mean there’s a global recession going on but product prices keep going up but never our wages. And of course sneakers are no exception with a pair of Lebrons costing close to 200 British pounds being a sneakerhead and keeping up with all the latest releases can be a very expensive business if you’re not some corporate high roller, million pound recording artist or a trust fund kid that only has to blink at mummy or daddy to cop their next pair of kicks.

So these are some of my ideas for staying in the game when times are hard, yes it’s supposed to be amusing so please don’t take it too seriously, but some of it will be useful.

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