Feeture – 11 ways to stay in the sneaker game when you’re broke!


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When sneakers are your obsession some of your other possessions pale into insignificance so you know what get rid of other stuff whatever you don’t need let it go on Ebay, Craigslist, Gumtree the pawn shop, have a garage sale or a car boot sale and get rid of it. You don’t need those DVD’s those playstation 2 games, those huge baggy Ecko jeans, the books on your shelf, the fatback TVs, those kitchen appliances on the top of the cupboard collecting dust, the spare tyre in your car, the carpet in the lounge (wood floor is all the rage) you get my drift. For all the stuff you don’t need there is someone that wants it out there so get rid of it and pocket that change to buy kicks.

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