Feeture – 11 ways to stay in the sneaker game when you’re broke!

2. Let just one pair GO

sneakerheads.jpeg-1280x960       sneaker queue

If you have a go hard collection you’ll probably own more than one pair that’s a real hard to get pair the pair that someone out there really really wants and is willing to pay top dollar for. It’s a pair that’s worth 4 or 5 pairs at retail price. Like a pair of Patta AM1s or the Galaxy Foamposites. Let ’em go just, just, just let one pair go and keep yourself in the game. I know it’ll be hard especially when you slept overnight in a tent in the pouring rain trying to compete with the other campers to get a pair and then you did get a pair and they were the very last pair in the shop that were in your perfect size and you kissed the rainy ground when you landed them. Ok we get it but just let em go and keep yourself in the game. You probably have a couple of high value pairs that don’t fit you so good so why you keeping ’em if you can’t rock ’em?

Get em up on the bay or sell ’em on sites like KixifyKicksxchange or Flight Club.

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