Feeture – 11 ways to stay in the sneaker game when you’re broke!

7. Sublet

ForRent1       for-rent-sign

Come on now you don’t need that extra room even though your newborn baby has been sleeping in there, he was just fine in your bedroom before, and shouldn’t have his own room until he starts school at least. And he can always sleep on the couch if he doesn’t like it. Seriously rent out that extra room stack some chips to help you pay your bills and stay up in the sneaker game. Or you could rent your place out for a few days on sites like Airbnb and go stay at with friends or your family whilst your apartment makes you some sneaker vouchers, with Airbnb you can also rent just out a room and it’s hassle free as they take care of all the arranging you just have to set up a profile with some pics and reply to the messages.

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