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Atmos x Nike Air Max 90 – InfraCamo!

Nike-Air-Max-90-Atmos-Pack       Nike-Air-Max-90-Atmos-Snapback-540x267


Atmos kill it once again with their InfraCamo makeup dayamnnnn! These are some serious fire and the application of the Tiger Camo to the max 90 is not bad either. But with the InfraCamos it seems so simple….serious creative thinking from the Atmos Crew. There’s a tee and 2 hats too!

The ‘Tiger Camo’ will drop on October 5 at Atmos’ SPORTS LAB and the ‘Tiger Camo’ will be offered exclusively at atmos and on in October.

And hopefully hopefully they’ll get a global release after that.

Nike-Air-Max-90-Atmos-Infrared-Camo-540x357       Nike-Air-Max-90-3M-Tiger-Camo-540x357


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