Meet Clyde…certified Nike Air Huarache collector

TWOTF: Tell us about your collection – how many pairs?, is it all Huaraches and how many pairs of Huaraches do you have?. 

I counted 67 pairs of Huaraches earlier this month, but it has grown since then, some of them are in the UK waiting to be picked up when I visit in March and some are on the way to New Zealand. I think now it is more like 85 pairs, which isn’t really that bad (although my wife tends to disagree), I know people with way more trainers than me, it’s just mine are mainly one style and other people probably have more variety. A lot of my collection are worn, quite a few are brand new but they will all eventually get worn.

I do have about 20 other styles of trainers that I have very recently started wearing such as AM1, AM90, Flyknit’s and 1 pair of Reebok Fury’s, but Huaraches are my main interest.


TWOTF: Was your love for the shoes always one for the Huarache – how did that come about? Were you into other brands/models and then thought no I just wanna wear Huaraches?

I haven’t always been interested in Huaraches, when I was growing up I wore all sorts, Nike, Reebok, Puma, Fila or whatever I liked the look of at the time and more importantly, whatever I could afford. I didn’t have multiple pairs of trainers when I was younger as I couldn’t afford them and I had to buy my own with my wages from my weekend job.

I didn’t start out with an aim to collecting, before I was in to Huaraches I wore Reebok Pump Fury’s as they were mega comfy, so for a few years I kept buying them as there was nothing else at the time that I liked. I had 20-30 pairs and wore them all, I didn’t keep any new in box as I was always excited to wear a new pair, then one day I picked up some Wings and Waffles from a sale rack at JD Sports in Streatham Hill for £19.99! That was the start of my Huarache collecting, from then on I purchased pretty much every colour I could find that I liked. I missed out on the Mowabb pack when they originally released as at the time as I didn’t like them, but they are now a firm favourite of mine.

TWOTF: Ok so give us your top 3 sneakers EVER EVER and then your top 3 Huaraches EVER EVER. And is there a pair of Huaraches on your hitlist that you’ve yet to get a hold of? 

Top 3 sneakers ever ever 

Please bear in mind I am limited in my knowledge of older trainers, if wasn’t a Pump Fury or Huarache then I didn’t pay much attention, so my lists might seem a bit same-y!.

3: Size? x Reebok Fury, Camo (never actually owned a pair, wish I did, I tried for ages to get my size)

2: Air Max 90 x Atmos, Duck Infra Camo

1: Aape X Reebok Fury


Top 3 Huas

3: 2007 Mandarin Mowabb

2: 1992 White / Magenta-Neon Yellow

1: 2004 White leather & 2004 Wings & Waffles.

There are 3 pairs of Huaraches that I haven’t got yet that I would really like to get to add to my collection, 2000 Olive Stussy’s, 1992 Woman’s White / Purple-Bright Mango, 1991 Woman’s White / Royal Blue-Pink Flash.

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