Meet Clyde…certified Nike Air Huarache collector


Time for a foot hug…

That’s right we’re definitely putting our stamp of approval on this one and saying that Clyde Vellacott is most definitely a certified Nike Air Huarache collector. Now there has been an insane hype around the Huarache and we mean insane. Everything that drops is selling out from the GR Foot Locker drops to the limited Size? releases people just can’t get enough of the foot hugger. It is serious shoe insanity.

And so we just had to speak to Clyde, a very serious Huarache collector to give us an insight into this iconic shoe and his love for it. We were just blown away by his collection and would like to say a huge thank you to Clyde for sharing it with us. Such is Clyde’s love for the Huarache he is very soon going to be releasing a limited edition poster documenting the history of one of the most iconic shoes in sneaker history with some amazing illustrations of the shoes. Click through the interview below and check out some serious Huarache HEAT. 

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