Meet Clyde…certified Nike Air Huarache collector

TWOTF: Tell us a bit about yourself – where do you live, what do you do for a living.

CD: Originally I am from the UK, but now I’m living in Alexandra in New Zealand. I’m a graphic designer but currently spend most of my days hunting for Huaraches or walking and playing with my dogs, Slinky & Herbie, enjoying the good weather, as well as finding some time to squeeze in some work, although I am still adjusting to New Zealand time so I work later in the day.

Clyde2       Clyde1

TWOTF: So how and where and when did you love for sneakers/trainers start? 

The first pair of Nikes that I paid for myself were some white / grey / infrared Nike Air Trainer SC High’s. Before that it was Hi Tec or whatever my mum would buy for me. I was in my first year of high school so I guess I was around 12 and I was really chuffed to have these Nikes, I wore them everyday until they were completely ruined and just recently I found a brand new pair on eBay in my size so they are waiting to be worn, but I guess they will crumble in no time at all so I am picking the right day to wear them.

I do remember not buying Scream Green Huaraches and Puma Discs, they were sitting next to each other in my local sports shop, but back then I picked up something else, I don’t remember what but the Screams and the Discs definitely left an impression on me as they were so different to everything else in the shop, it’s funny how now over 20 years later that these 2 models are more popular than they were originally.

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