Meet Clyde…certified Nike Air Huarache collector

TWOTF: In your quest for the shoes tell us about your most bizarre shoe related incident. 

Honestly not much stands out, I am been pretty boring, I have brought and sold a lot but never had anything that sticks in my mind as bizarre. I’ve had one devastating moment with a pair of Jackie Chan Furys, which on the first wear came apart. I was on a plane and the glue just gave up, I had to walk along with the sole flapping around like some cheap flip flop until I got to the hotel to put some others on.

TWOTF: Tell us about the Huarache poster project – how did that come about? Who else is involved in that? And when can we and everyone else, of course, get our hands on one? What were/are you trying to achieve via the production of this poster? 

It came about because I follow @thelimebath on Instagram, he illustrates different trainers, so I emailed him to see if he would be interested in collaborating with me to produce a visual guide of all the Huaraches from 91-2012. Initially I just wanted to print a one off just for me to hang on my wall and I also wanted to clarify what is called an LE and what isn’t.

I documented my collection, wrote down the names, colours and product codes from each box and researched the ones I don’t have, including the unreleased samples that I know about. I contacted various people on Instagram and Facebook as well as other collectors such as Gooey Wooey to check the info for each pair and to get photos of the box labels to confirm the official colour ways and names. Antony (@thelimebath) drew them up and changed the shape to reflect the different models and coloured up each shoe. I then took the file, added the info for each one and tweaked the layout and colours before handing it back to Antony to do his final touches.


Initially we had 49 Huaraches on the poster but just as we were finishing I remembered about one more unreleased sample I had seen a photo of a few months ago, so we had to redo the layout to accommodate it and I got in touch with the guys at JD Sports to see if they could help me with the info, which amazingly they did.

In the end I decided to see if anyone else was interested in the poster and I had a few positive responses so now we are printing a limited run of 50 (50 being the amount of Huaraches I know about from 91-2012). We are just deciding on paper samples at the moment. I want them to be the best quality they can be and make sure all the colours and info is as accurate as possible, so I am not rushing them, but all being well they will be printed by February.

Anyone that was interested had to email me their details and I will be contacting them as soon as I have a final price so that they can decide if they want to buy one or not. So far there are more than 50 people interested which is fantastic.

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