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Adidas Stan Smith Consortium London Launch Recap



Ahhhh the Stan Smith has always been a street classic and today on Instagram we saw the hashtag Stanchester with reference to some serious love for the shoe up in Manchester. Well for the launch of the premium Stan Smith makeups London didn’t disappoint in terms of the weather and the heads came out last night to the Adidas No 6 store to chug some beers, shoot the breeze about the shoes and the shoe game and to catch some chooons! As for the shoes the Snakeskin and the Ostrich makeups are seriously killer in the flesh.

We wanna big up Sean and all the No 6 crew and of course Adidas. We’d also like to shout out some of the heads that we’ve been chit chatting with on Insta and FB who we finally got to meet, real nice to meet some of the heads, so many good folks out here in the UK associated with the shoes.

Click through the pages below and check out the pics from last night’s shindig.

And did we say (I think we did) WE LOVE THE STAN SMITH….roll on more colourways!

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