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The King’s Comments – ROCK WHAT YOU LIKE!


Do the Humpty Hump UH HUH do the Humpty Hump!


So after a great debut blog and a good week in the UK Trainer Scene The King Is Back here like clockwork on a Monday to give you The King’s Comments… Shout outs to The Word on the Feet crew for making this happen – Team Work makes the Dream Work!!

What a week seems like the UK Trainer Scene is heating up… Great Party on Friday with the Adidas Family!! Good stuff!! My involvement really came about because of this blog, I think people are seeing that the King is about the People and not himself so doors are slowly opening!! YESSS!!!

So let’s get into this weeks Topic!! It’s Called ROCK WHAT YOU LIKE!! LOL who remembers humpty hump?? Well my reason for referring to one of the 90’s hip hop style icon Humpty is because he rocked what he liked in my eyes! I am seeing a lot of people just rocking the same ish because it’s that season!! I’ll be honest with you I have jumped on a bit of the Gravy Trainer Train myself, back in my day of collecting trainers I was Nike Nike Nike, little bit of Adidas and Reebok Classics, that was basically it!! If you rocked Saucony or Asics you were not part of the Kool kids and my school was BAD with a capital B so you could get your ass kicked for rocking the wrong trainer… (Not the King though I was too well connected Lol).

Humpty Hump       Humpty 1

Anyway what I am trying to say is I do like what’s happening now, everyone is embracing different brands like New Balance etc and going retro with other brands like Le coq sportif. I love it!!! But what I don’t love is people wearing certain brands and lying to the public like they been on the brand from the beginning … WE DONT BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!!!  Come on its kool if you weren’t rocking the brand 10 years ago or if you bought your first pair of Gel Lyte 3s a couple of years ago like myself it’s all good!! But don’t buy every general release trainer and say YO I WAS ON THIS THING??? HUH??? Lool…

Asics-x-Ronnie-Fieg-Gel-Lyte-V-Volcano-Rot_b7       NewBalanceUBIQ1600thebenjamin5

I mean lets look at the recent Nike Huarache Craze that’s been happening… I am old enough to remember when they first came out and I was not on them one bit I would not lie to anyone I copped a few later as they weren’t really my thing!! But now I am seeing young kids trying to school the olders about kicks??? And I’m like pleeeeease you know you didn’t know anything about this trainer until they retroed it in ’08 and even then you were sleeping on them…

But its Kool I get it, it’s how the game goes as the title of this feature is Rock What You Like!!! And Please Rock what you like don’t just rock something cause you know everyone else is… where is the uniqueness in that??


Anyway that’s my piece for today please make sure you have a look around the site and read all the other content and check out the pictures!! Have a Great week and see ya same time same place next Monday

Peace and Retweets

Till the next time

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