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Clarks Wallabee x MF DOOM Releasing Feb 14

11-02-2014_clarks_x_mfdoom_wallabee_brownleather_1       11-02-2014_clarks_x_mfdoom_wallabee_brownleather_3

These have been on our radar for a minute and this makeup from the masked man looks real slick. Taking us back to that Wu Tang steez so refreshing to see a really tight Clarks collab. The leather on these looks amazing and that lining is just KILLER…These are dropping tomorrow….

11-02-2014_clarks_x_mfdoom_wallabee_brownleather_7       11-02-2014_clarks_x_mfdoom_wallabee_brownleather_5

11-02-2014_clarks_x_mfdoom_wallabee_brownleather_4       11-02-2014_clarks_x_mfdoom_wallabee_brownleather_6


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