Same sneaker…different year? The Rough Writer has entered the building!


We would like to welcome another guest writer to The Word on the Feet, someone that goes quite simply by the name of The Rough Writer. WELCOME TO THE WORD ON THE FEET BUILDING!!! WHAT WHAT WHAT!!!!!! Today she gives us her take on  the question of whether the innovation has left the sneaker game, yes sure the technology is there and that technology brings us amazing shoes and materials. But are we missing that amazing creative innovation? Will we ever see another Huarache, or another ZX8000….what’s more are the kicks worth their price tag? Tomorrow sees the drop of the Infrared 6s, are they worth what we’re gonna be paying?

Have a read see what you think and please please can we hear more from The Rough Writer!

…There’s nothing more exciting than copping a pair of highly sought after limited edition pair of sneakers, the satisfaction that comes from opening the box and smelling the brand new leather, the crease-free sneaker in all its glory, the joy of how good it feels on your feet and the knowledge that you did what needed to be done to get that heat.

My name is The Rough Writer and I am a sneaker freak. I am a small time sneaker collector I have approx. 50-60 pairs of sneakers, my collection started in the early 90s, with the assistance of my baby brother, however, the production of a number of little people and the way my bank account be set up means my sneaker collection will forever remain a small fry in a large pond.

air-jordan-12-gamma-blue-release-info-01       Jordan_12_Taxi_Sneaker_Politics_7_1024x1024

I love something unique, that only a small collection of people own and that is the lure of the limited edition sneaker. When you walk in those sneakers, only you and a select few who may nod or acknowledge you and the fact that on your feet are some serious OG, Holy Grail, fire sneakers. They would recognize the struggle of queuing all night, driving a million miles, scouring shops and shelves, back then there was no internet, no social media, the struggle WAS real. Many sneakers got dumped, back then, recognition of their value was mis-understood. I myself have thrown away – and it breaks my heart now – two OG Jordan 12s, an OG pair of Air Max 90s Concordes, amongst others.

air-jordan-3-black-crimson-1       air-jordan-3-black-cement-retro

So it saddens me that with all the money held within the major players of sneaker production their designers are unable to find the same yesteryear level of creativity. Of course fashion itself is constantly revolving, however it will always put a new spin on something retro. Yes the retro sneakers hold their place in sneaker history and we are connected to them because of that history, and those OG colourways will always outdo the nu skool makeups but for goodness sake if they’re bringing back those classics let the quality of the shoe replicate the original!

For example on the recent Jordans –  the quality is just awful, coupled with hiked-up prices, it leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. Sure it’s great to reminisce, to travel back down memory lane but for me, the only people really benefitting are those big time labels, off of my hard earned money. Because there is nothing creative about recycling the same design over and over again. And what’s more bringing out a poor product and charging the earth for it. For me when I look at my collection, I want to see different styles, a new take on an old style –yes – but not the exact colourway, the exact same shoe and if we have to put up with this uncreative replication of the good OG days then please afford us buyers the luxury of a better level of quality finish for our paper.

nike-air-huarache-pack-6       nike-air-huarache-og-blue_4

The sneakerheads of today, the new collectors, they deserve that. So that, when they look back on their collection as the next generation start collecting theirs, they too will be able to say – the quality was much better – “back in our day”.

That’s all from me…until the next time!

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