Davonte Jolly…Skating Feet Filmmaker

TWOTF: What kind of equipment do you use?

Right now I’m using a Canon t2i, Cam caddie EX handle with a RODE Video Mic Pro. I’m saving to hopefully upgrade to a Sony Fs700 soon. But they’re coming out with some many cameras nowadays by the time I get the money they will probably have a newer version out LOL.

image        image_1

TWOTF: Has the ease of access to technology allowed for more and more people to get involved in film and in particular skate filming or is it still a specialist field?

The ease of access to technology has definitely made it easier. But at the same time a lot people just own cameras and film you have to be pretty good to be offered a job or make money off of it. So it’s definitely still a specialist field.

photo 2

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