Davonte Jolly…Skating Feet Filmmaker

TWOTF: Tell us about some of the projects that you’ve been involved in, people you’ve worked with.

I’ve helped out with a lot of different online projects since that seems to be where everyone is posting their videos nowadays. My biggest project was a video I worked on for Paul Rodriguez’s company Primitive Apparel called Pain Is Beauty. I’m working on a lot of new stuff for GoPro and DC Shoes but I’m not really allowed to go into too much detail.

TWOTF: Has skateboarding gone through a resurgence in recent times?….Or has it never lost its cool?

Yeah skateboarding is definitely a lot more popular than it used to be. You see everyone everywhere either riding a skateboard or dressing like they do. With Street League it’s now on a bigger platform now to where everyone is aware of what we do and they want to imitate it. But I’m just happy it’s growing and giving people the opportunity to do what they love for a living.

photo 3

TWOTF: Skateboarding is for sure a culture all of its own but where does in fit into the much larger street culture that encompasses music, art, fashion etc?

The skateboarding culture is a lot bigger now because of all the street wear brands and different corporate companies wanting to promote their products with skateboarding. So nowadays you will see skateboarding everywhere like music videos, art shows and in fashion.

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