The King’s Comments…time to do the math!



The Rulers Back!!! I took the weekend off if ya didn’t notice lol

Lol I dunno why I start my blogs with Rap lines but that’s the King for ya so get used to it Kid!!

Anyway for those of you who don’t know my Instagram page is for the people the Kingdom shall I say… I post up all the latest stuff, all the latest release news and sometimes when the brands mess up and you can get a deal I am on it differently… So last Sunday I think that’s when it was…. I get hit on my phone by one of my Knights of the Round Table who looks out for these deals for me so I can share it, and the Knight told me the Nike Air Clay Blue Tech Challenge aka The Agassi’s were just £10?? on Nike.com (UK)……… Huh??? I was like WTF to get any Nike shoe for a Tenner is a gift from God but those???… So as the King does I went to investigate and to my surprise they were £10 and £14.99 with Shipping, AMAZING!!!. So I took a screen shot and shared it with the world as I do and the internet literally went NUTS, to be fair there were only Sizes 10 above by the time I hit the web but they sold out in like 2 mins after my post literally. And for the next few days I was thinking that Nike would not honor the price? Sigh? …. BUT to my surprise one of my loyal followers @OllieBoom Instagrammed a picture of his pair in hand, saying thank you to the King. ( I appreciated that mate a lot of the Kingdom don’t say anything)

Anyway the question I ask is obviously this was a Big Cock up considering the trainers were £110 before??? And since this mess up there has been a price drop on other sites so WHAT THE F HAPPENED??? It Kinda confused me how Nike can make mistakes  on a product that has already been listed if it was a new listing a mistake is a mistake it happens but an existing listing? Ummmm? Anyway do you think Nike means to do this from time to time to keep us checking their site regularly and possibly buy something we don’t really want or need? Or is it part of a bigger plan which they plan on doing these on kicks that they want to get rid of? ‘Cause a company that big can afford to mess up like that right? Right?

image        image_1

Also on Friday before I went away Footlocker EU did a medium Restock of a few Jordans and Lebrons etc that were currently out of stock… And Nike.com (US) have a massive one planned that they Tweeted and then deleted the Tweet and postponed which makes me think is this the new marketing strategy to make people buy kicks? I think most of these companies have now seen then power of Social Media ’cause most of the time they either Tweet it or Instagram it or put it on their site and let us share the info for them… Its kinda like we have become their marketing machines without giving us a big multi million pond/dollar budget but is that the game now are we or should I say is Social Media the missing link to help drive the sales of certain Trainers? Or Offers? The answer is yes and its going to get worse as more and more people are joining social media with Sneaker/Trainer head names or changing their existing profiles to say #Sneakerhead in it…. All eyes seem to be on the Trainer World!!  And the brands know this with all their Sneak Peak shots and their competitions KMT lol…but the truth of the matter is WE RUN THINGS, THINGS NAH RUN WE? Er well these brands and shops kinda do ’cause we all (Including your Highness) are complete and utter suckers for a good deal or sharing something that will benefit the Kingdom. But like I said before where’s the MONEY at?

Or should the King be like one of these guys that sees the offers/deals and not even like the picture to alert people and not say anything to anyone and keep it to myself???

Ummm Nah I didn’t think so either???

Until the next time

Peace and Retweets!

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