The King’s Comments…where is the love???



And the Winner is!!!

So the King is back again and sorry for the delay it was the Bank Holiday Weekend and you know what that means… P…A…R…T… You must be joking man’s been resting!!LOL!

But this week has been filled with so much SNEAKER DRAMA it’s been unreal but I can’t start my comments without saying congratulations to #TeamIcon87; Kam, Stevie, VanWills, Kaveire and Niranjela on winning the Nike Football Risk Your Sole. #RiskEverything online Sneaker Battle straight wipewash!!!.. Now for the 5-a-side battle for the kicks!! Well Team Icon had the heat but can they score with their feet so they can win more heat? (look at me tryna rhyme I will never make it as a rapper) I think they can the King will be on the sidelines cheering them on!!


Speaking of cheering people on it seems like there hasn’t been a lot of that in the Kingdom lately just WAR!! Its ok I ain’t going to rant about that but I am going to rant about what seems to be the lack of originality in the UK Trainers world or is it just me I mean I know that I’m the King and I kind of take it as a compliment when people re-post the pictures I post after me (without tagging me lol) or wanna get involved in the scene, which is all good but what isn’t all good is it seems like Social Media has become like a lemmings culture, and I yes I the King get dragged into it to when I see a dope picture posted on Instagram I wanna repost it straight away cause its dope and the King wants to make sure the Kingdom is informed!!!  I mean if you are into trainers fine post up that’s your thing but when massive brands try and muscle in we have a problem. After seeing a post this morning on Size? & Footpatrol Head Honcho Paul Ruffles’ page a new advert from Cadburys Crunchies with a guy holding a pair of trainers with wings it kinda feels like all the brands outside of the trainers world are seeing whats going on and tryna cash in with the affiliation with what’s kool too and trainers seem to be whats kool now which is ok! But I am just hoping that what is kool for them now is gonna continue to be kool in 10 or 20 years.. Forever, ever…


And I am not getting at anyone or any brand for getting on the hype its kool but please be in it for the right reasons at least have a love for what you are posting or putting out! I have said this before Trainers are for everyone but it seems like there is a shift in the industry all the major publications are writing articles on what are the kool trainers for summer or trying to tell us what is kool??? Huh What part of the game is that? That’s why I love blogs / sites like The Word on the Feet – a site by sneakerheads for everyone but written by people who really love what they do. If any big publications or brands not connected to trainers are reading this don’t come in and rape our passion and love and then F-off. I mean if you want to get involved get involved properly there are 100’s of events they can sponsor or do a competition or even take out a years advertising on this site, there is so much more to do. And also I think it’s also a calling by all of the Sneakerheads who love this thing for us to say hold on whats going on here and not let our passion be watered down. But I guess thats just how the E-CON-NO-MONEY works they find whats kool hype it up suck all the money out of it they flip it on its head and make it unkool… Well I guess we are going to have to Fight the Power!! LOL

All I am saying is if you love this Trainer thing be consistent and love the ting for real not because everyone is loving the ting! Now lets see what gets posted up after people read this article.

Don’t Think About It Too Much.

Peace and Keep it Kinging!

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