TWOTF: Tell us about the product, imagine I’m a sneakerhead (I am) interested in Kick It, what would you tell me about it?

Brent: We give you the ability to keep your sneakers clean at all times. The sneakers make the man and the man needs clean sneakers. As people we make snap judgments of other people when we first meet them and 90% of that judgment comes when they look down at your sneakers, so it’s best to keep them clean at all times.


TWOTF: Why do I need it – what’s it gonna do for my kicks?

Brent: You need it because you don’t want to be the last on the streets without it. Clean and condition quickly while on the move.

TWOTF: What is so unique about it? Is this the only product of its kind on the market? Why should we buy your product and no other?

Brent: It is the only product on the market that is in a solid form and allows you the ability to drop it in your back pocket and clean your sneakers anywhere. Another factor that sets us apart from other cleaners on the market is that when you are cleaning leather, plastic and rubber it requires no water. We are in the process of looking for a water charity to partner up with. Our goal is to donate a bottle of water for every container of Kick-It we sell.

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