TWOTF: How has the product been received on the market? Tell us a little about the success of what you have been doing?

Brent: So far we have had great feedback. We have heard everything from “changing the game” to “revolutionizing the industry.”


TWOTF: As an independent with an independent company/product how difficult has been it been to get it out there? What has the hustle been like and what have you had to do to keep pushing it?

Brent: You know what they say “if it were easy, everyone would be doing it.” It’s not easy, its been a lot of work. Hundreds of hours on the computer setting up everything, communicating with my partner who is also my brother, dealing with the container factory, the filling factory and taking care of my family. As far as getting the word out there, we had to dig into social media and find out where our target market was and where the social media tendencies were heading. It’s a noisy world out there in social media land and we did not want to overwhelm ourselves and try to be on every platform. We wanted to choose one so we could really focus on the message and communicate with the community on a consistent basis. We were/are boot strapping this operation so we are relying on organic growth. We chose Instagram because we felt that images/videos were the best way to promote the product and we found that a good section of our target market was very active on IG. We started sending out free samples to people who were actively following us on IG to let them try the product and give us much needed feedback. We are still trying to get some responses from some athletes which is a market we’d love to get in because our product gives you the ability to give your sneaker a quick clean before hitting the court. You know what the great Jerry Rice (HOF WR for the Niners) said “Look good, Feel good, Play good.” We have gotten a response from one athlete and now waiting for feedback (heres to hoping we get more responses). I would also like to get it in the hands of a few other blogs as well. We went to SneakerCon DC in early April and got great feedback from that event and are looking to build momentum on that. Its all hustle right now, virtually knocking on all the doors hoping someone answers. But we love the game, we wouldn’t want to be doing anything else.

TWOTF: How would you describe your client base?

Brent: Our client base cares about their appearance, they are cognizant that the outside is always looking down and they want to make sure that when people are looking at their sneaker they are clean. They care what other people think (no matter what they say) and they love when people compliment on how clean their sneakers are. Nothing makes a sneaker lover happier than when someone says “Damn, that’s some heat you are rocking.”

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