TWOTF: Are you a sneakerhead/collector yourself?

Brent: I like to think of myself as one of the original sneakerheads. I can distinctly remember trips to the mall when I was a freshmen and it would be raining. I would wear some beaters out of the house and have my AF1’s under my coat in a plastic bag. When we got to the mall I’d switch my sneakers out and then I’d proudly walk around the mall with my beaters in a plastic bag but some heat on my feet. I remember when the Breds first dropped and my cousin got them. The whole school was riding him hard saying that “they looked like moon boots,” but we were just ahead of our time. To fast forward to the present, life has taken me in a different direction, I still appreciate and love the sneaker game but I have a family and other priorities now, like providing all the collectors with a superior cleaning option.

TWOTF: If you had to describe your sneaker collection what would that description be like?

Brent: Well I always have a fresh pair of AF1’s and Air Max 90’s but right now, to carry on off of my last answers, it looks more like Lacoste Marice Loafers than anything else. Not very sneakerhead of me.

TWOTF: What are your top 3 pairs, and your top 3 on your hitlist?

Brent: You are really exposing my lack of sneaker game right now, I gotta step it up in the near future. AF1’s, Air Max 90’s and Lacoste Marice. I like simple clean lines. It streamlines outfits. My hit list goes like this….Spacejams, 4 Green Glows and 88’ 3’s White/Cement Grey.

TWOTF: What are your views on the sneaker game at the moment? Good and bad.

Brent: I would say that sneaker game is thriving, the game was just featured in Entrepreneur under the title “Business-Savvy Teens Tap Dynamic New Collector’s Market: Designer Sneakers.” To get that kind of publicity I think really locked the validity of the sneaker game right now.

TWOTF: What do you think about the kicks that are coming out at the moment? Does the quality of the releases match the price tag attached? And are sneaker purchases these days driven by the love for the shoes or by the hype that is created by the sneaker brands, the designers and the community?

Brent: It all comes down to branding and the hype around the brand. It reminds me of what the Marketing Director of Mercedes Benz said, it’s something along these lines “We don’t acquire a new customer who is in their 30’s, we build trust in our customers from the age they are 3 years old so that when they are 30 they feel comfortable buying from us.” Nike, Adidas, Reebok and the list goes on have built generations of trust that all seem to be in the age range where they still love the sneaker game or are passing that love down to their kids. We seem to have hit an apex where 35 year old men/women down to 13 year old boy/girls are waiting in lines outside sneaker stores on release days. To think back to when my father was 35, he probably wore some K-Mart brand and could care less. Due to this demand and the size of the market these companies can jack up the prices and still sell out in hours. On the flip side, the large market also gives these companies the confidence to release some old classics that we all love because they know they will sell now. One of my favorite brands is Saucony and I think the latter half of 2014 and into 2015 will be a good run for Saucony. We see it already with some of the releases they have had.


TWOTF: What is the effect of the resale game on the culture?

Brent: The resale game cracks me up. To be honest I had no idea how big it was until I went to SneakerCon DC. It’s not just the resale game, it’s the age of some of these kids reselling some of their sneakers. 10-14 year olds walking around a show room with 10K + people acting like they own the spot. It was like Wall Street for these young kids. I was floored. The hustle that some of these young kids showed was pretty cool. Now for me personally, I couldn’t fathom the idea of wearing someone else’s sneakers. As collectables/never worn I could see it, but worn….NAH, I’ll pass.

TWOTF: Finally what does the future hold for Kick-It and is there anything else you would like to tell us?

Brent: Kick-It is a great sneaker cleaner, but we’re not idiots, we know that we will also have to introduce other products to sustain a legitimate business. That said, right now because this is our flagship product and we are 100% focused on providing the sneaker lover with a great product and great customer service. Whether that be assisting in any way possible or providing our market with great pictures or some funny videos (got a few of those in the works, keep an eye out on Instagram @kickitsneakercleaner for them). As always, Keep’em Clean.

TWOTF….and stay tuned for our Road Test of Kick-It coming VERY SOON!


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