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I am not a Businessman I am a Business MAN!


So sorry to The Word On The Feet family for my lateness in this post the King has been through a lot this week so bear with the King!!… Hope the Kingdom is Goood!!!

So lets get into it and I think you may have heard this before but what is going on in the UK Trainers’ community business world??? Huh you ask? Is it just me? Or everyone is a business or brand now?

And there is nothing wrong with it at all the King welcomes new creative businesses… But what I don’t like is people with no business etiquette… Yes etiquette!! I have seen that there are “Insta Celebs” in the UK Trainers’ scene who have a lot of followers and they think they’ve made it!! What part of the Trainers game is that? I ain’t even gonna put people on blast but when did having a lot of Instagram followers equate into a legitimate business???…

To the point you can be rude to people. Especially Instagram… people may have a product or brand or they do custom kicks and they think they are above people cause they have more followers or are more popular than that person. But what have you really done? How many mortgages are you paying on your so called business how many mouths are you feeding?? And if you’re doing that its kool, really it is but what is not kool is thinking you are the dogs bollocks and are “Special”… Don’t get it twisted Instagram will fool these Instagram celebrities cause as we all know and say together with me in a loud Chris Brown Voice “THESE FOLLOWERS AINT LOYAL” lol… It makes sense right?

For all of you with businesses in the UK Trainers’ scene please chill and don’t take this stuff too seriously ‘cause unless you are really looking to build a legitimate business that lasts longer than Instagram you really need to treat everyone with respect it doesn’t matter if you have 10K plus followers and they have too ‘cause one day they will be somebody and the time you need them most they will not be there… Trust me it will happen!!  The least you could do is like their picture or say thank you!! I thought your Mum taught you manners!! SMH

So just a little advice for all you budding business folks entering the UK Trainers’ scene do your thing but know your manners and show some respect to everyone big or small.

‘Cause in the words of the late Great Notorious BIG – There ain’t no guarantee they gonna love you next Year”



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