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The King has been all over the place this past week its been hard work but its all good! So many things happening in the UK Trainer scene in one week its a complete madness… Fires, Sales, Yeezy Red October Restocks at Oxfam lol…

For the past couple weeks I don’t know if you jave noticed but the King’s page on Instagram has slightly changed… Did you see it?  Well what the King is doing is he is trying to add more personality to the page and more importantly the Kingdom… The King has introduced a new character called Franklin, (I like him he is entertaining and tells the truth lol), and you know the King always loves a chuckle so I have been including more comedy on the page to share with the community, I have also started a new feature for customisers called #RateMyCustom for all those customisers who need feedback plus exposure…. And low and behold the Kings Kingdom is growing. It’s funny when people say oh King you bought followers… Lol I just sit back look at my Ipad and laugh in a Kermit voice ‘cause some people just put out negative comments but don’t do their research and look online and see the hard work I put in for the community… Last week someone called me the content King!! I laughed but sometimes you got to sit back take time and look at what you are doing and how much you are doing and reflect. The sneaker world can be a whirlwind so it’s always good to take time out.

With all that said I say this… If you are in this Sneakergame as a brand then learn the power of evolution don’t feel comfortable being or doing the same thing over and over again and bring more to the table. Look at different aspects and see what is missing or what someone is not doing and then do that and do it well. Yeah you may say it’s hard everything has been done but you are wrong in a big way there is so much that can be done and there is so much that needs to be done. The King has 3 to 4 business ideas that I haven’t even touched that can make a good and positive impact on the UK and International Sneaker world. Also work hard work bloody hard if you want to do this and have your feet in the Sneakers scene. I know what your thinking oh it’s easy for the King to say everyone knows you or has heard of you but there was a time when I was only the King amongst my mates but I put in the work so much I got in a legal battle with that other shop! But the King’s consistency and hard work is what is happening now and people don’t know that the King and the Royal Knights have just begun!

So a special shoutout to all the individuals and brands that are evolving and trying something new keep going and evolving this is what the UK Trainers scene needs.

What would you like to see more of let the King know… Some big things coming soon…

Peace and Retweets

Keep It Kinging

The King.

PS: Try wearing a different Trainers Brand once in a while you may like its ok and that is coming from an old Nike die hard! Lol


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