The King’s Comments…Bring ’em out, bring ’em out!

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Bring Em Out Bring Em Out its hard to Yell with all that Hate in your mouth!!! – Jay Z Voice

The King is here, the King is here ! And I ain’t going nowhere buy the time you read this I will probably be on 20K members of the Kingdom, and I have understood when you get more momentum people just wanna start hating on you saying this and that and blocking shit from happening but the King has thick skin and is ready for any challenge like the late great 2Pac said ” There is no one brave enough in this business to scare me” And that includes the brands too either roll with the King or get rolled over Lol…

Na Na I ain’t taking it there but I have seen the Trainers game getting like this…. everyone has got their back up ‘cause other people are doing something that they may want to do. I mean if you are worrying about what someone else is doing you need to be worrying about why you are worrying (if that makes sense?). It’s also like that with the consumers too, people get upset when they see other people buying a certain trainer or “Hype” trainer and they get salty I see the comments on Instagram all the time its mad “They are Sh!t” or if a customiser is starting out and he does a design that ain’t perfect it’s instant hate??? I remember the time when it was all love but I get it the trainers scene is growing not everyone is nice but it’s kinda turning into a war zone now or is that just me? I blame Instagram though it’s kinda made the visual so much more important so people are making sure they keep up with appearances (dont’ go broke now).

You ain’t alone it happens to the King too I can admit it when I see a shot of someone wearing some dope kicks I am like yup these are nice but I say it out of appreciation and no hate I really do love a dope pair of trainers and love people enjoying their Kicks ! But on the flip side did you know my @KingOfTrainers Instagram is one of the most viewed sneaker instagrams in Europe but people refrain from liking my pictures ? And how do I know you ask? I’m a social media manager and I have purchased monitoring tools to see ghost followers etc…But I digress!

Has it happened to you when you know your stuff is super dope and you can kinda feel that people don’t wanna shout you out or even like the picture ‘cause your stuff makes them feel some type of way? Why is this? Am I wrong? Tell me and I will take it back but I feel that rather than the whole trainers scene being a family affair it’s become a sport and I don’t think it’s a friendly one either I would compare the UK trainers scene to umm? Lemme see MMA.. Everyone wants to knock out everyone else and be the last man standing! Don’t get me wrong competition is a good thing and I welcome it with open arms I would rather there were 10 people like the King giving the latest news or opinions on the game it would make the Kingdom so much better and informed, but I bet if you ask ten people in the same field if they would like the King to get bigger they may say yes but I’m not sure they would really want to say yes!!

Don’t worry I ain’t throwing subliminals I am just telling the truth just look at my page on Instagram I’m shouting people out left right and centre but the King don’t get that in return, but a big thank you to all the people who do the King sees everything and says thank you also for every piece of love I see and even the ones I don’t see, thank you!

The King does not see anything as competition as my journey is so much more different than what many of you may not know and has barely even begun.


Keep It Kinging!

The King.


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