How bad do you want them? Where is sneaker culture at in 2014???


We might be late on this but watching this video literally had shivers going up our spine and wondering just exactly where we are at in terms of consumerism and materialism in modern society.

This experiment sees the FouseyTube crew place a pair of FAKE YES FAKE Yeezys next to one of the crew posing as a sleeping homeless person with a hidden camera close by….the rest is on the video and sees a number of passer-bys trying to make off with the kicks.

Lest us not forget that these are sneakers and yet in the current climate where hype and high resell value and of course status is attached to owning pairs such as the Nike Yeezy II Red Octobers we see members of the public willing to steal from a homeless person. And to literally stoop very low next to the person posing as homeless and grab the shoes.

Whatever the purpose of the video it raises questions about the current state of materialism and consumerism in modern and largely western society. As sneakerheads we have to take a long hard look at the current state of this culture, which as this video shows plain and clear appears as being arguably devoid of humanity where we care little for a man without a home much less do we care about that man living in the streets without even a pair of shoes on his feet. And you know what even if you were gonna grab the pair of shoes to sell ’em on how is it that not one of those people thought to even wake the guy up and say “hey man” let me give you $500 or even $1000 for your shoes, or even a couple of hundreds, knowing the huge amount that can be made on a pair of Red Octobers on the resell market. Obviously the video may not show everyone that walks past and we’ll be contacting the Fousey crew to get some more info on what was for us an experiment resulting in a very stark reflection of sneaker culture right here, right now in 2014.

We would like to shout out the woman that stood up to one of the guys trying to make off with the shoes – props to you, not many would have done that.

Further so many of us would camp out for a pair of shoes but walk past the homeless and those in need everyday and won’t offer them even our small change. Instead we look at them as ‘tramps’ and ‘bums’. And yet as the video shows we wouldn’t mind a bum’s shoes when they’re a pair as coveted as the Red Octobers.

“What are you doing?” was said a few times in the video we say “What are WE doing?”

This short video has been massive food for thought, let us know yours.

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