Introducing the Sneakionary.

Sneakionary Meaning Idea 1(1)


We’d like to introduce you to an amazing resource called the Sneakionary – which is strap lined as the comprehensive guide to sneaker terminology. Now we’ve seen a few of these sneaker glossaries on a few blogs and websites and so were a little bit skeptical but after having a good click through on the website there is actually a serious amount of sneaker wordage up on Sneakionary, probably the most we’ve even seen in one place.

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 09.55.30

So check it out and if you’re part of the blogging community or just wanna know what folks are talking about, or what that midsole is made out of bookmark the site for your future reference. What’s great too is that you can hit the Sneakionary guys up and submit a word to enter into the Sneakionary, so if you’ve heard something new or something is missing holler at ’em via the website and make your word official! But really great that this is a resource that can be used and built by the community.

Big shouts out to the Sneakionary crew for putting this amazing resource out there we will definitely be making regular use of it.

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