The King’s Comments. Who do you love?…the most?…And why???

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Hold Up wait a minute ya’ll thought I was finished!

The King is Back!! Sorry for my absence these last fews weeks you know the King is working hard!! I ain’t gone nowhere! I wanna start this blog post with an apology and say a Big Sorry to all the Ladies in the Sneakers world I don’t want you guys to think I don’t love the Ladies I do and you are all appreciated for real. Thank all the women for your support with the @KingOfTrainers movement, without the Queens there are no Kings remember that.

And that’s what brings me to my Topic of today! A recent Collaboration with US Creative Sophia Chang and Puma the ‘Brooklynite’ Disc range dropped recently and yes it did sell out in most places mainly stateside but one of my friends Larry from @TheSoleBeliever (Follow them and visit their site www.thesolebeliever.com for that heat) said that nearly no places were stocking it in the UK??? Mainly Europe and US had them and still had sizes a few days after the release.  I was kinda confused by this and it made me wonder do people only care if the collaboration is from a certain Mr Fieg or do people only care if it’s with a shop or extremely limited?


Why wasn’t the Hype there for this release? Can we have a female Ronnie Fieg? Would we still all get as excited? It does make you wonder what actually makes us worship one person or collaborator?… and no I am not taking any credit from Ronnie that man has worked hard and deserves all the success in the world, I am not actually talking about that but I have always wondered what is it or if someone else maybe someone from the UK or a Queen of Trainers can have that much heat and hype around them? Just a thought really, something to think about? I mean if we look at celebrities Kanye West the man that has had the biggest collaboration of all time with Nike? But do you think we would go as crazy if his new wife Kim K had a collaboration with Nike? Or his new home Adidas? It’s crazy to think that we only care as much if it’s a dude that has a collaboration or is the Sneaker world is sexist? Ouch did the King just say sexist? Yup I said it. It does make you think though?


And while you think, it brings me to a special announcement, which I am sure you knew was coming, we have re-launched @QueenOfTrainers on Social Media where we are updating all the Ladies Sneaker trainers releases, doing shoutouts and inspiring all the @QueenOfTrainers please use our hash tag #QueenOfTrainers for a shoutout and we are gonna keep it tasteful. We have so much planned for the Queens of the community so please stay tuned! Our aim is to grow the community and support everyone doing great work in it.

Please #FollowTheThrone @QueenOfTrainers on Twitter and Instagram

Peace and Keep It Queen’ing


The King!

Royal Regards

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