Sneaker Shop Feeture: Air Traffic Control Miami

Gregg is a proper sneakerhead, don’t get it twisted, and he’s a DJ too with strong roots in Hip Hop and formerly worked for Rawkus Records in NYC. So it’s definitely real up in ATC and Gregg has a strong connection with sneakerhead culture, music, art and fashion. And that said his roots stretch even further across the Atlantic as his father is English, and he was raised in Hong Kong and so he brings all of that good culture into the store too.



And there is some serious HEAT on the shelves and a lot of it too as you can see from the pics, from rare b-ball footage, some corduroy AM1s that we almost purchased, foams, AF1s (need those halloweens), Asics, Bapes, plenty plenty goodness.

The ATC clientele is a varied one including locals, tourists, entertainers, athletes. And Greg and the team have worked hard to maintain high standards but also to maintain sales in a area where shop trade is seasonal. And it is the strength of their products, service and clientele that have been the reasons for ATC’s continued success.





The future is a bright one for ATC with plenty more to come in the works….so watch this space.

Shouts to Greg and the rest of their staff for having The Word on the Feet in the building.

Make sure you check out the website atcmia.com and the Instagram @atcmia and check ’em out when you’re next in the MIA!

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