Prestology – an interview with the world’s biggest Presto Collector in The Sneakers Cube London

TWOTF: So how did you go from thinking you love the design of the shoe, and it’s super comfortable, to the Presto really becoming your thing?

LW: When I started to realise there was a small minority of people that were just as passionate about this shoe as I was. Old school sneakerheads and just older people in general when I started posting up on Instagram all these people just started to emerge and shared their stories with me. And the more we found that common ground the more I was inspired to keep going.

Nike_Presto_Instore_WEB-5 Nike_Presto_Instore_WEB-14

KOT: Speaking of Instagram would you say that it’s a new birthplace in terms of sharing and helping the whole sneaker scene to grow and helping your passion to grow?

LW: It has because it lets you connect with people that you wouldn’t connect with elsewhere. And it is such a powerful visual tool. I really think that it has helped create a whole global sneaker culture, not just little pockets. And it’s cool I have met some amazing people that I call real friends. The more people you meet that have these “I remember having Prestos’ stories, I have even met some of the original designers on Instagram and that just keeps the fire and the passion going. And then people are always selling pairs so that’s another benefit of Instagram, the whole marketplace aspect.

But talking about that at the same time I don’t like the fact that sneakers are seen as commodities. I don’t like that all. I have never sold any of my collection; I’ll happily trade but not sell. I mean if I sold some of my pairs at market price I could happily swim in a bathtub full of money. I just don’t want to do that because these shoes have huge sentimental value in my life they are like checkpoints in my life, a timeline of my life.


KOT: I always want to hear the sneaker stories, and I’m always asking what does that pair mean to you?

LW: Just recently the whole thing of shoes being a commodity doesn’t equal passion to me and I think that people seem so obsessed with their 15 minutes of fame or 5 minutes of fame. And if people have the latest and greatest pair they can get a few 100 likes on Instagram and that’s it.

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