Prestology – an interview with the world’s biggest Presto Collector in The Sneakers Cube London

TWOFT: So getting down to the collection which pair has the greatest hunt story, maybe not your rarest pair but the ones that were the hardest or have the most memorable story?

LW: Every pair has a story but the Sole Collector collab has the most sentimental story. It really is the pinnacle of my collection and it was the first time that Nike had collabed with Sole Collector. I remember seeing them back in the day from the first release in 2005 and that image of a palm tree on a shoe really stuck with me. As I got more and more into Prestos I knew I had to get them and I spent 4-5 years constantly researching, trying to dig down every avenue down to trawling the Honolulu Craigslist to see if anyone had a pair or knew where to find a pair. And then one day I struck it lucky on Ebay and picked up a pair for almost half of what they go for normally which is around $1400.


KOT: Speaking of money, I know a lot of people don’t like to reveal that but what’s the most you’ve ever spent on a pair?

LW: The most expensive pair was the Eric Clapton pair. Not so much because of the actual price but because of a heavy import tax to get the shoe into the Netherlands where I live. I paid the same as I did for the Sole Collectors but then another $300 dollars in import taxes.

TWOTF, KOT: The guys at the airport must have been like we “know these are worth money!”

LW: But they were worth it and from a sentimental perspective you just can’t put a value on that.


TWOTF: So have most of your pairs seen foot action?

LW: The only pair I have not tried on is the Eric Clapton. I have just seen some horror stories of people trying on deadstock pairs and them collapsing straight away so I just don’t want to risk it.

TWOTF: And why was there even an Eric Clapton pair?

LW: Word on the street is he is a massive sneakerhead and Nike have done a few collabs with him before, I think there has been an Air Max 95 and even a pair of dunks. He is also very charitable so he would get one off pairs made for him to be auctioned for charity. Maybe he was on tour at the time and he wanted to be super comfortable up on stage so they gave him a Presto!

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